20th November 2018

Resizing & Titling an Image

How to resize an image and fill in title and author in “Properties”

How to resize an image in Photoshop

With the image open, go to “Image” click “Image size”. In the box that opens the original size is displayed. If your image is “Landscape” format, type 1400 (pixels) in the “Width” box, if it is “Portrait” format type 1050 in the “height” box.  Check “Resolution” is 300 DPI. The width or height will automatically change. Click o/k. Your image is now the correct size to send for projection.

How to resize an image with “Windows”  if Photoshop is not available.

With the image on the desktop, right click on it and select “open with” “Paint”

In the second box at the top (Image) select “Resize” select “Pixels”

Make sure “Maintain aspect ratio” is ticked

If a “landscape” format, image type “1400” in the Horizontal box and the Height will automatically change.

If a “Portrait” format image type “1050” in the Vertical box and the width will automatically change.

Now close “Paint” and click “Save changes”.

VERY IMPORTANT If not already done,

Right click image again and select “Properties” from the drop down box (Right at the bottom)

Under the “general “ tab, type your title in the box at the top, then click “Details” tab and enter your title again, and in the next box under “author” your name. This is very important as images titled gh1734-jpeg2-edit or whatever or left blank are not identifiable to anyone.



All you need to do now is “ATTACH” (NOT INSERT) the file to an e-mail and send at “Original sizeNOT “reduce file size to-mail”.