29th September 2019

Competition Rules

Alresford Camera Club Competition Rules.

Entries can only be accepted from paid up members.
General Rules.

1) Each season the club holds six open competitions. 2 colour print, 2 Mono print and 2 DPI (digital projected image). And an “Image of the year” competition (See rule 3)

a) Each member may enter up to 3 images in each of these open competitions.

b) A maximum of 20 points will be awarded to each image entered into these Open Competitions.

c) These points will be totalled to form a league table to establish the winner with the highest points in each class, and the “Photographer of the year” who scores the highest total points overall.

2) Any image can be entered only once throughout the season. An image is defined by the digital file number or film frame number. Therefore a similar variation thereof or a colour image converted to mono or DPI or vice versa is not allowed.

a) Colour print/Mono print/DPI versions of previously entered images will only be accepted if genuine composites, using no more than 50% from the original image.

b) See rule 3 (Image of the year competition).

3) “Image of the year competition”
This annual competition is open to all members. Images are only eligible that have been entered into club open competitions during the current season. They must be as previously entered in those competitions, Print or DPI, IN THEIR ORIGINAL FORMAT and NOT ALTERED OR MANIPULATED FURTHER IN ANY WAY. The number of images each member can enter will be advised prior to the competition.

4) All entries for print competitions must be brought along on the evening of the competition and handed to the Print Competition Secretary by 7.15pm. Titles of images must be submitted to the competition Secretary by midnight on the Sunday before the competition by e-mail if possible) Receipt of these will be confirmed by return.

5 )All entries for the D.P.I. (digitally projected image) competitions must be submitted to the competition secretary by midnight on the Sunday before the competition by attachment to e-mail if possible, or Memory Stick.
Receipt of these will be confirmed by return.

6) The results of each competition (score sheet) will be e-mailed to all members after the competition.
The league table will be available on request and published annually at the AGM.

7) The Club enters a number of external competitions each season and it is assumed that, unless advised otherwise, the Club’s Selection Committee may enter any member’s images (print or digital) into such competitions.

8) Members images may be displayed on the Club’s website unless advised otherwise.

9) The Competition Secretaries have the right to refuse to accept entries to any of the Club’s competitions.

10). The Committee reserve the right to adopt a flexible approach to competitions and competition rules. However, members would be consulted prior to any major changes to the rules.

Open Competition rules.

The content of all images entered should be the sole work of the author. (Trade printing is allowed.)

Definitions for Colour print / Mono print and DPI (digital projected images)

a) The term “Open” means any subject of your choice.

b) Colour means an image with more than one colour tone.

c) Mono means an image with tones from black through to white including sepia, (or just ONE colour Tone).

d) Two colour tones constitute a colour image.

e) ANY colour in an otherwise “mono” image (colour pop) constitutes a colour image.

Print competitions.

Each print must have the author’s name, and print title displayed on the back in the top left hand corner, preferably using the labels supplied by the club.
Each print must be mounted on EAF regulation size 50cm x 40cm mount board and the backs must be free from any sticky substances to avoid contaminating the face of other entries. Ideally the image should be double mounted (rather than surface mounted) to help avoid any damage to your print.

The MINIMUM printed area of the image:-
If square should be No less than 361 sq. cm (19cm x19 cm). approx.7 ½ “square. (A square on A4 paper)
If rectangular should be No less than 280 sq.cm (28cm x10cm). approx.11”x 4” (a rectangle on A4 paper)

DPI. (Digital projected image) competitions.

Each DPI must be JPEG format, and sRGB. Colour space. They must be a maximum of 1400 pixel wide and a maximum of 1050 pixels high. The image title and author’s name must be entered in the metadata “properties” box of each image and The “File name” must match the title.

Annual awards: –

Trophies: -Winner of “Image of the year”. Winner of league Overall. Highest points Colour prints. Highest points Mono prints, and Highest points DPI`s.

Certificates: – Trophy winners, plus second and third in each category, and highly commended in “Image of the year” competition.

Rules following A.G.M.2019